Meet Stella

Great to see Stella again today. She’s a shop keeper I first met when I came to Kakamega to see whether it was a suitable county in which to launch Heya!

Stella told me that her town, Bukura, is on the up… the economy is growing well. And yet no-one in town sells solar lights… and so local people don’t know where to buy them.

Bukura is in Western Province, Kenya. Anybody in this industry will tell you that Western Province is the most heavily targeted in Kenya by the solar light industry. And Kenya is the most mature market for these products in Africa. And yet the good people of Bukura don’t know where to buy these products.

We’ve a long way to go in this market. The opportunity is simply huge.

But for the moment, there are now two shops selling solar lights in Bukura. Both are Heya! agents. And one of those is Stella.

~ Steve Andrews, CEO


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Steve A

Founder and CEO of NewLight Africa

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