A day in the life of a Heya! sales team

It’s been a long, hot and dusty day here in Vihiga County. But a fairly typical one as our teams hit the road for a day of selling. Here’s the story in pictures.

8.30am The Vihiga team drop in to the Kakamega office to hand over paperwork for yesterday’s sales.

The team, from left to right are Andrew Kwarma (pay-as-you-go guru), Lameck Ontita (Country and Western fanatic), Hudson Mungafu (Papa), Doris Wamune (The Queen of Heya!) and Nebert Sandagi (The New Boy).


And then it’s off to the Easy Coach station to pick up 200 Pilot Xs… a popular Heya! solar light. They’ve been sent overnight by our Nairobi team.


Soon enough we’re on the road to meet our first Chama: a women’s business group. It’s a beautiful sunny day in Kenya… sunny enough to charge our demo light on the dash board.


Nebert, who joined our team on Wednesday has been trained fast by Hudson. He leads the presentation to the Kisienya Chama, a large Chama of 100 members. And yes, there are men in this Women’s Group! They’re very enthusiastic. But they want time to consider who will be their representative and how much stock to take. We’ll have to return next week.




When we say we sell in the last mile… it really is in the last mile. But we get to the important customers: the women in their own communities.


We have time for a cold Sprite and discuss our learning from this morning’s meetings. Nebert also shares some great insights from his previous job selling fuel efficient cook stoves. He’s a great addition to the team.


And we’re off to the next Chama meeting. They love it. They decide to join our pay-as-you-go programme and sign up instantly. We leave them a box of products to get them going… and they say a prayer for us before we leave.


We have time to drop in on one more meeting. A teacher who was introduced to us when we presented to her Chama last week has signed up as an Agent. She pays her deposit and takes the products. The end of a great day.

Everyone is tired but Hudson has Chama meetings on Saturday and Sunday. He’ll earn his bonus this month.





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