Master Plan: Part Deux

Inspired by this wonderful article by the extraordinary Elon Musk, I would like to say that had we done the same exercise 12 months’ ago, it might have been:

  • Raise some seed capital
  • Prove to investors that we know what we’re doing…
  • And have the team and model to change a lot of people’s lives
  • Thereby putting ourselves in a great position to raise more money – at a much better valuation – to help the company scale and put a smile on the faces of our seed investors.


  • Achieved sales of $85,000 in June 2016, only 6 months after launching the new model in just two Kenyan counties
  • Which is enough to make NLA Kenya profitable… and yet we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of those counties
  • With many investors keen to now invest at an increased valuation
  • … I’d say that we’ve achieved that goal.

So what is NLA’s Master Plan Part Deux?

I’d summarise it as:

  • By June 2018:
  • Neutralise the number one potential investor question which is, “That’s impressive. But can it scale?”.
  • By scaling into at least ten more Kenyan counties and at least one other country
  • Thereby making at least 250,000 customers very happy
  • And substantially increasing the value of the company; and the size of the smiles on our investors’ faces.

After a planning session here in Kenya this week, we’re ready to make this happen.

Published by

Steve A

Founder and CEO of NewLight Africa

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