Heya! wins major grant to drive growth

Good news!

Due in no small part to the hard work and attention to detail of NLA’s grant funding supremo, Candice Pelser, NLA has secured a €350,000 grant from the Environment and Energy Partnership (South and East Africa), to accelerate our growth in Kenya; and prove to the investment community that our model is scalable.

This grant ultimately comes with the generous support of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, the Austrian Development Agency and the UK Department for International Development. The overall objective of the EEP S&EA is to “contribute to the reduction of poverty by promoting an inclusive and job-creating green economy; and by improving energy security in the Southern and East Africa regions while mitigating global climate change.”

We’re really excited to have been chosen by EEP to partner with them on this work. Our management team have already begun to plan the detail of the scale up which they’re supporting. It gives us the confidence and ability to move to the next stage of our business development.

Published by

Steve A

Founder and CEO of NewLight Africa

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