Help us to turn Black Friday into Green Friday!

If you’re like me and get a bit depressed about the global obsession with Black Friday, when the whole world seems to lose its mind, forget the perilous state of our planet, and go shopping crazy…. then here’s a tonic.

These seven ladies have just completed their training to become Heya! agents.

They’re ready to start selling products that the world – and their customers – actually really do need. In fact Lydia, on the far right, has already made a great start. I was with her near Kapsabet town in Kenya last week when – as part of her training – she addressed a group of 41 women and walked away having sold 20 Heya! Happy Home solar home systems.

This is shopping actually worth celebrating. Their customers – from very poor communities – are buying products that will make their families safer, healthier and better off. As we say at Heya!, ‘Great days are coming.’

If you’d like to help more of our female agents to sell more of these beautiful products, then you can lend them the cash they need to buy more stock by supporting Trine’s crowdfunding campaign in our name.

Help us to turn Black Friday into Green Friday.

The magnificent seven, pictured above, are, from left to right: Consolata Jemutai, Vincelet Shawiza, Alice Nanzalaa, Jackline Siliya, Calvin Jepchumba, Emasculate Chelagat and Lydia Jelagat.

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Steve A

Founder and CEO of NewLight Africa

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