Magnificent Millicent

Meet Millicent Maningo, Heya! field sales rep.

Millicent sold 70 solar home systems in December netting herself some fabulous commissions and a cash prize of $35 for being the month’s top salesperson in her region.

Each system Millicent sold will be paid for by her customers in 20 weekly instalments of $3. Millicent was provided with $3,360 of credit to fund those sales, cash that was provided by the equally magnificent people who lent a total of €200,000 to Heya! through the crowd-funding site, Trine.

What a wonderful win, win, win, win!

  1. Millicent builds a business.
  2. Trine lenders help to change the world and earn 6% interest in the process.
  3. 70 more families in rural Kenya switch to clean, cheap and safe energy.
  4. And Heya! uses the working capital to keep expanding across Africa.

Why not celebrate Millicent’s magnificent achievement and make a loan today, through Trine’s latest campaign for Heya! women.

Published by

Steve A

Founder and CEO of NewLight Africa

One thought on “Magnificent Millicent

  1. The one commendable thing I like about Heya after doing research about the company, is pricing of their products and the payment systems they have put in place. It’s such a thumbs up to a common mwanainchi (poor Kenyan), who always aspire to own a solar or an LPG but can’t due to its cash price. Bravoo!!


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